In today’s interconnected maze, finding your tribe is less about searching and more about discovering - a process of engaging deeply with the world around you until you find the people who resonate on the same frequency. Author Seth Godin famously distilled the essence of modern tribes, describing them as 'connected groups, empowered by the internet and driven by a shared idea.' This concept isn’t confined to corporate life or professional bodies; it’s about anyone who chooses to make a change. It’s about you and me and the inherent power we harness when we connect.

Tribes Are Everywhere

Think of a tribe as your chosen family in the world of ideas and actions. These are the people who laugh at the same jokes, who stay up late working on the same problems, who care as much as you do about making a difference. They're found in coffee shops, online forums, workplaces and neighbourhoods. They're global citizens, connected not by geography but by purpose.

The Mechanics of Modern Tribes

The real beauty of a tribe in the digital age is its ability to form and reform around ideas, needs and passions. With the rise of social platforms, we no longer need permission from gatekeepers to start movements or build communities. Anyone can rally a group around a cause or a challenge. What’s required is a compelling narrative, a clear vision and the courage to lead. Tribes are no longer hierarchical but flat, no longer siloed but interconnected - a mesh of enthusiasm and shared intent.

Cultivating Connection

To cultivate a tribe, start with authenticity. Speak in your true voice, not in the polished echo of a corporate drone. Be clear about what you stand for and equally clear about what you oppose. Then, listen. Tribes thrive on mutual respect and collective input. Your role is to initiate conversation, facilitate engagement and reflect the group’s ethos in every decision and direction. It's about pulling people together, not pushing your agenda.

The Ripple Effect of Leading a Tribe

When you lead a tribe, you’re not just building a following; you’re igniting a multiplier effect. Ideas disseminate, morph and propagate. Members take the core message and adapt it, improving and expanding it in ways you alone could never have envisioned. This is the heart of change-making: a contagion of inspiration and action that spreads beyond the original confines of the tribe.

Embracing Your Role in the Tribe

In the narrative of your life, being part of a tribe - or leading one - is about embracing the role of both teacher and student. It’s a dance of giving and receiving. As you navigate this dual role, you stay aligned with your values, grounded in your purpose and open to the continuous flow of learning that keeps your tribe vibrant and relevant.


The call to discover your tribe and change your world is not just a rallying cry; it's an invitation to a more fulfilled and impactful existence. It’s about finding the others, connecting deeply and leveraging that collective power to not only imagine a better world but also to create it. This is how movements are born, how change is made and how history remembers us - not as isolated individuals, but as passionate members of a vibrant, dynamic tribe.


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