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About Buzzing Space

Our Backstory

Founded by John Neame, Buzzing Space capitalises on three decades of expertise in hosting senior-level networking events. Traditionally, we focused on roundtable discussion groups where executives could share experiences and insights. However, the interruption of physical gatherings due to global events inspired a pivotal shift. We transitioned from conventional, location-bound networking to an innovative online platform. Buzzing Space now fosters peer-to-peer collaboration within communities of senior executives, free of geographic constraints.

Our Mission

At Buzzing Space, we champion the power of connection. Our mission is to transform peer networking and knowledge exchange. Each community on Buzzing Space is tailored to address the particular needs and challenges of its members, ensuring impactful and meaningful interactions.

Our Platform

Buzzing Space is more than just a networking platform - it's a catalyst for both professional and personal transformation. Our platform offers:

  • Peer Connectivity

    Participate in curated Hive discussion groups based on mutual interest and complementary expertise, enabling rich, peer-led conversations.

  • Deepening Connections

    Every interaction helps develop a dynamic circle of professionals with whom you’ve shared insights with and learned from.

  • Mastermind Groups

    Dive into deeper, structured collaborations that cultivate trust, support and mutual growth among selected peers.

Connecting With Purpose

Buzzing Space invites you to enter a realm where every interaction is more than just a discussion - it's a meaningful connection. Each conversation brings you closer to individuals who can transform your perspective on work and the world. Starting with peer connections, Buzzing Space develops into a dynamic force for professional and personal transformation.

Buzzing Space … because connecting with purpose changes everything.