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Hive Topics

These 40 unique peer-to-peer Hive discussion topics offer a glimpse into potential conversations about specific HR challenges.

Developing a well-honed hybrid work strategy

Evolving hybrid work models has become a central discussion point for organisations aiming to balance flexibility with productivity. This group discussion will focus on identifying core components of a successful hybrid work model, including the integration of technology to support remote collaboration, the establishment of clear communication channels and the development of policies that ensure fairness and inclusivity. By sharing insights and strategies, participants will explore how to maintain organisational culture and employee engagement in a hybrid setting. The goal is to derive actionable strategies that not only accommodate the diverse needs of the workforce but also align with organisational objectives, ensuring resilience and adaptability in a changing work environment.

Diversity, equity & inclusion commitments matter more than ever

This Hive discussion is focused around the paramount importance of steadfast DEI commitments. We will explore effective strategies for embedding DEI principles into the fabric of organisational culture, from recruitment and retention to leadership development and beyond. This Hive enables participants to share experiences and offer mutual support on the challenges of keeping our diversity, equity and inclusion commitments on track during uncertain times and the challenges posed by changing work arrangements.

Beyond pay and perks: crafting an attractive employer brand

With high job vacancies, pay, benefits and flexibility are differentiating factors for employers. But as people reassess their personal/professional priorities and work/life balance, there are many other ways in which organisations can build their attractiveness to existing and prospective employees. This Hive discussion group will explore issues such as: transparency about purpose, success factors, flexibility and career mobility; enhancing collaboration and trust and supporting individual work styles to create more fulfilling roles; developing a coaching management style and a culture where people feel safe and trusted to work in a flexible way; and demonstrating a genuine commitment to diversity and inclusion programmes.

Fostering a greater sense of belonging in the new world of work

A feeling of belonging often correlates with high performance, engagement and well-being, yet hybrid working can diffuse the experience of culture. This Hive discussion looks at ways that we can foster a greater sense of belonging and community among employees in the new world of work, such as: retaining the social element of work and a sense of community, even when people continue to work remotely; evolving organisation culture to reflect the realities of the new world of work; refocusing offices to facilitate in-person encounters for enhancing collaboration, creativity, innovation and social connections; and creating unique experiences that allow people to feel connected, valued and excited to meet in person.

The power of human connection: how and where employees connect

The past four years have challenged us to reimagine not only how we work, but also how and where we connect with one another in this new era. With an increase in remote working, traditional offices are evolving to create spaces that cultivate a sense of connection, collaboration and innovation. This Hive discussion group brings together CHROs to discuss initiatives designed to empower teams to come together in-person and develop cultures that embrace the all-digital, work-from-anywhere world.

Making performance development motivating and effective

Is your performance management process still fit for purpose? Or is a more agile approach now needed? Employees increasingly expect real-time, forward focused feedback rather than annual appraisals. But should you move towards appraising teams rather than purely individuals? Is there any merit in putting more focus one measuring inputs rather than results? How might personal development plans be better used? All contributors to this Hive discussion group are asked to bring one example of some aspect of performance management now being dropped/lessened and one new idea currently being piloted or implemented which they believe will lead to developing better performance and enhanced motivation.

People-first culture and building a compelling employer brand

Recent times have demonstrated our ability to change faster and look after people better than we ever thought possible. But how can we now strengthen a flexible, caring and empowering people-first culture and so create a compelling employer brand? This Hive discussion group brings together CHROs to share experiences in areas such as: embracing vulnerability and meaningful connection; integrating simple and relatable values in everything; valuing authenticity and always embracing inclusivity; doubling down on transparent communications and feedback; and actively promoting well-being and work-life balance.

Potential vs Experience: how to recruit and develop the best talent

In sectors with high job vacancies, recruiting suitably experienced people can be very difficult. Yet, experience may be less critical than commitment, compassion, benevolence and empathy. And traits like openness, curiosity, creativity, resilience and a willingness to be coached may be more important. This Hive discussion brings together participants who wish to explore the merits/drawbacks of recruiting on the basis of potential and then focusing on employee development. It will also be an opportunity for participants to share experience on how they have addressed recruitment challenges by using this approach.

The changing CHRO role: seizing the moment for greater strategic impact

While the nature of HR has been evolving for years, demands over recent years has dramatically accelerated its transformation, from a vital support function to a crucial strategic partner. This Hive discussion explores how CHROs might further boost their impact by leading on initiatives that improve workforce skills and support key strategic goals. Topics the group may choose to discuss include; addressing the challenges and opportunities that AI brings, such as job displacement, skill development and ethical issues; fostering a resilient and agile organisational culture and leading the charge on corporate social responsibility initiatives. Participants will be able to share their experience and insights on ways to ensure they are at the forefront of shaping organisational change.

Creating a culture of belonging: elevating diversity, inclusion and connection

Establishing an 'organisation for everyone' is more than a goal; it's a journey towards embedding diversity and inclusion into the very core of our operations, ensuring that individuals across all identities feel valued, empowered and connected. This Hive discussion offers a platform to exchange experience and insights on issues such as celebrating individuality, making DEI everyone's responsibility with clear, actionable goals and leveraging data to elevate our diversity strategies. The aim is to gain inspiration on how we can collectively create environments where everyone feels an authentic sense of belonging, driving motivation, engagement and ultimately, organisational success.

Emotional wellbeing to underpin high performing and loyal teams

As hybrid working blurs the line between work and home, employee wellbeing and mental health are top priorities. Emotional intelligence is one of the most critical leadership skills and we may need to create more opportunities for conversations around mental health and how employees feel. In this Hive discussion, we invite you to share experience on cultivating emotional intelligence and foster a work culture that is empathetic, caring, inclusive, diverse and adaptable.

Refocusing leadership development for the new era of work

Leadership styles may need to adapt to accommodate both changing employee needs and the quest for greater organisational agility and resilience. Leaders will increasingly need to master competencies in empathy, engagement, collaboration, trust/transparency, diversity and inclusion. But how can these aspirations be best achieved? All contributors to this Hive discussion group are asked to share experiences on developing new leadership skills to support changed priorities in this new era of work.

Using learning & development to attract and retain top talent

The balance between employees and employers has shifted, so every opportunity to add value and differentiate your employee value proposition needs to be maximised. Well thought out L&D opportunities provide highly valued benefits for employees and greater engagement, motivation and performance. Initiatives that harness the scope for continuous on the job learning send a strong message about the organisation's coaching culture, promoting teamwork and peer support. This Hive discussion will help you step back by sharing experiences and considering how you might inject new impetus to your L&D Strategy.

Reimagining recruitment in a candidate-led market

Recruiting talented people to meet demand can be difficult. However, adversity can be the greatest driver of creativity and the experimentation of interesting, new and dynamic ways of recruiting and improving the candidate journey. Many organisations are looking to cast a wider net to increase the talent pool and ensure a more diverse workforce. This Hive group brings together senior HR leaders who are already innovating in order to share experiences and learn from one another. Each participant is asked to share one new idea or initiative that they are testing or they have introduced.

Moving to the next stage with diversity, equity & inclusion

Diverse teams have more varied perspectives and experiences, which can lead to more innovation and better decision-making. Yet despite increased attention and awareness around DEI, many organisations struggle to move beyond surface-level diversity initiatives. This Hive discussion group brings together CHROs who are committed to truly embedding DEI into their culture and practices and so fully benefit from a broader talent pool. Participants will be able to share experience on conducting DEI assessments and discuss ways to track progress and hold leaders and employees accountable for measurable success.

Unleashing the power of teamwork

Strong communication, mutual trust, clear responsibilities and a shared sense of purpose are essential elements within all effective teams. This Hive discussion is an opportunity for senior HR leaders to learn from one another on ways to transform effective teams into high-performing teams. Participants will be able to share their experience on issues such as: how recruitment and onboarding helps to develop and sustain high-performing teams; examples of team building activities to foster a culture of collaboration and innovation; the role of recognition and reward systems; and how coaching and mentoring can help lock-in continuous improvement.

Breaking the mental health stigma: creating a culture of support

Mental health is one of the most important of aspects wellbeing and productivity in the workplace. This Hive discussion group provides a forum to share best practice on breaking the stigma around mental health and creating a supportive workplace culture. It will also be a good opportunity share experiences on: providing resources for employees to manage stress; promoting a healthy work-life balance; organising mental health training days; facilitating access to mental health professionals; and the role of leaders in prioritising and creating a culture of support.

Critical insights: leveraging data analytics to transform HR

This Hive discussion group brings together CHROs who believe HR analytics needs to be fully integrated with HR strategy and have started out on this journey. Participants are invited to share examples of how data insights are enhancing agility and enabling better decisions, so that we can learn from the collective experience of the group. This will also be a good forum to share best practice on practical ways to help create a data-driven culture. As the importance of HR analytics becomes ever greater, a network of like-minded peers on this issue, may prove invaluable.

Digital transformation of HR: critical soft skills

As organisations continue to embrace digital transformation, the pace of change will inevitably become faster and the impact of new technologies will continue to deepen. The dynamics of how well CHROs and CIOs work together and how effectively their teams communicate and collaborate, is critically important. This Hive discussion group is for CHROs to share their experiences and insights on how to build capabilities for digital transformation within HR and nurture excellent working relationships with IT counterparts. It will be a great opportunity to discuss practical ways that can help in creating a culture of innovation, agility and continuous learning. And it may be useful to reflect on leadership traits that can inspire or indeed hinder, digital transformation.

Cultivating workforce resilience: a collective endeavour

In an era where adaptability is not just an asset but a necessity, building a workforce that thrives on resilience is paramount. This Hive serves as a forum for CHROs to unearth and share pioneering strategies that bolster workforce resilience. The specific discussion will reflect the interests of participants and may range from: enhancing adaptability, supporting mental and emotional wellbeing, to embedding agile HR practices and promoting a culture steeped in lifelong learning. Through the exchange of experiences and best practices, this group aims to arm CHROs with the insights needed to craft an organisational landscape that not only withstands but flourishes in the face of external pressures and challenges.

Ethical leadership in HR: fostering a culture of trust and integrity

Ethical leadership is the basis on which HR shapes and influences organisational culture, promoting an environment where trust and integrity flourish. This Hive invites CHROs to reflect upon the ethical dilemmas and considerations intrinsic to their roles. Key areas of focus include championing diversity and inclusion, ensuring fairness in HR practices, safeguarding data privacy and nurturing an ethically sound workplace. By sharing experiences and discussing best practices, this group aims to empower CHROs to reinforce ethical standards and cultivate a culture of trust and integrity that resonates throughout their organisations.

Elevating HR's role in sustainable business practices

In the quest for a more sustainable future, the strategic involvement of HR in embedding sustainability into core business practices is crucial. This discussion group serves as a platform for CHROs to explore and exchange insights on the pivotal role HR plays in this journey. Discussions will encompass sustainability reporting, engaging employees in sustainability efforts, implementing green HR initiatives and weaving sustainability into the fabric of talent management. This collaborative space encourages CHROs to align HR strategies with their organisations' sustainability ambitions, driving meaningful and lasting impact.

Navigating ethical AI in HR: the path to fairness and transparency

As AI becomes increasingly integral to HR functions, navigating its ethical implications is paramount for CHROs. This Hive convenes leaders to dissect and deliberate on ensuring ethical AI deployment in HR practices. Dialogue will cover mitigating AI bias, enhancing transparency of algorithms, addressing privacy implications and establishing ethical guidelines for AI-driven HR decisions. Participants will be able to engage in this crucial conversation to steer their organisations towards the ethical use of AI, ensuring fairness, transparency and trust in their AI initiatives. In joining this Hive, you'll meet like-minded peers who can serve as a valuable sounding board while AI continues to evolve and redefine HR.

Redefining the employee experience: crafting meaningful moments

At the heart of engagement and retention lies a compelling employee experience. This Hive is focused on redefining this experience by carefully crafting moments that truly matter. CHROs will be able to share the ways in which they have enriched their employee journey, elevated crucial touchpoints, personalised experiences and harnessed technology to ensure a seamless integration. This gathering is a wonderful opportunity to refine your approach to employee experience, aiming to boost satisfaction and foster enduring loyalty within your organisation.

Embracing workforce flexibility: navigating the future of work

As the landscape of work evolves, so does the concept of workforce flexibility, crucial for both employee satisfaction and organisational agility. This Hive offers a forward-looking discussion on adapting to these changes, covering topics such as flexible work arrangements, the integration of the gig economy, management of contingent workers and remote work policies. Participants will be able to share strategies and insights on fostering a flexible workforce ready to meet future demands, ensuring organisational resilience and adaptability.

Leading on preparations for the AI era

As AI continues to redefine the workplace, CHROs play a critical role in steering their organisations through this period of transformation. This Hive brings together forward-thinking peers to share their insights on issues such as: fostering an AI-ready culture and addressing workforce apprehensions. By engaging in this shared learning opportunity, participants can benefit from the collective experience of the group, thereby gaining confidence and foresight in navigating the complex and changing AI-enabled workplace.

Embracing agile HR: mastering change with flexibility and speed

In the evolving digital age, the agility of HR practices stands as a critical enabler of organisational resilience and success. This Hive is for CHROs who are keen to integrate agile methodologies into their HR operations. Through shared insights on agile principles, cross-functional collaborations, iterative processes and adaptive workforce planning, participants will be able to explore ways to enhance HR's responsiveness and effectiveness. This online gathering is a valuable opportunity to exchange knowledge on navigating organisational change with enhanced flexibility and speed, ensuring HR both supports and also drives forward organisational success in an agile manner.

Sharing best practice in a new age of mentorship

Modern mentorship is increasingly reciprocal, where mutual benefits arise from various forms of peer learning. These include senior staff working alongside junior colleagues, cross-generational and cross-functional mentoring, reverse mentoring to transfer digital skills and bridge mentoring to close cultural gaps. This Hive brings together HR leaders who recognise a need to ramp-up mentorship opportunities as a way to: improve employee retention, enhance talent mobility, strengthen employer brand and transition to an increasingly digital era. Participants are asked to share the ways in which they are developing new mentorship opportunities, so that everyone benefits from the collective experience within the group.

Seizing the neurodiversity advantage

Embracing neurodiversity opens up a relatively untapped source of talent, creativity and innovation. This Hive is for HR leaders who are actively shaping an inclusive workplace that not just welcomes but champions neurodiverse talent. It's a discussion for those ready to share, refine and learn from innovative practices that support neurodiverse individuals to thrive. The focus will be on inclusive recruitment practices, creating supportive workspaces and practical ways to leverage the unique strengths neurodiversity brings to the workplace.

Moving from job-centric to skill-centric workplaces

The shift from job-centric to skill-centric workplaces marks a significant change in how organisations view talent and design roles. This Hive brings together HR leaders to discuss the benefits and challenges of adopting a skill-centric approach. Participants will be able to share their experience on issues such as: identifying core skills, redesigning career pathways and leveraging talent analytics to match skills with organisational needs. Engaging in this Hive to share, learn and co-create best practices for leveraging a skill-centric approach will help you unlock the full potential of your workforce.

Enhancing Talent Mobility

Talent mobility is crucial for fostering innovation, filling skill gaps and retaining top talent. This Hive is a forum for sharing ideas and developing plans to promote internal mobility, such as: fostering a mobility-friendly culture; internal talent marketplaces; mentorship programmes; skill gap analysis; leveraging data for mobility decisions; and balancing internal mobility and external hiring. Join this group to exchange insights and collaborate on pioneering approaches that position talent mobility as a key driver of organisational achievement and employee fulfilment.

Fostering a learning culture

Building a culture that values continuous learning is key to sustaining organisational resilience and growth. This Hive is designed for HR leaders committed to embedding a learning ethos at the heart of their organisation. It's an incubator for ideas and developing strategies on promoting curiosity, encouraging knowledge sharing and leveraging technology to facilitate accessible and effective learning experiences for all employees. Participants will also have an opportunity to share their insights on how they measure the impact of learning initiatives on performance and innovation. Engaging with peers will help you transform learning into a strategic asset that drives performance, engagement and continuous improvement across your organisation.

Reskilling in the age of AI

The rapid advancement of AI is reshaping the demand for skills in the workplace. This Hive is a collaborative space to share insights, strategies and best practice for developing and implementing reskilling initiatives. Participants will be able to share experiences on issues such as: building AI literacy; leveraging AI for personalised learning; mentorship and support in AI transition; and evaluating the effectiveness of reskilling. This exchange aims to help participants develop strategies to ensure their workforce remains relevant and highly productive in an AI-driven world. Reskilling is an ongoing journey, so forming connections now with a group of like-minded colleagues can pave the way for ongoing collaboration and peer learning.

Rethinking onboarding and taking it to the next level

It's essential to have an engaging onboarding experience to reflect culture and style of working. But how can you ensure new recruits feel individually welcomed and valued? And how can you best facilitate social connections and peer mentoring to engender a sense of belonging? All contributors to this Hive discussion group are asked to bring one example of something that used to be part of their onboarding process that has now been dropped for good and one new idea they've implemented and now plan to keep. This exchange will enable all participants to take their own onboarding up to the next level.

Redefining the employer/employee relationship

Employees increasingly expect a better life-work balance, flexibility over when and where they work; and real empathy and employer support for their well-being. In response, more organisations are changing their workplace policies and values so as to cultivate human-centred cultures where work is built around their employees' lives and not the other way around. This Hive discussion aims to unpack the evolving nature of this employer/employee relationship. Participants will be able to share initiatives they may have taken to build trust, enhance communication, empower employees, foster a sense of belonging and align personal values with organisational goals. By reimagining the employer/employee relationship, we seek to create more resilient, adaptive and inclusive workplaces that can thrive amidst change and uncertainty.

Continuing to develop and foster a healthy work-life balance

The Pandemic caused many employers to re-evaluate working arrangements and well-being policies. This Hive discussion brings together CHROs who believe there is more to be done. Work-life balance is a key factor in maximising employee retention and engagement. And in this new era of work, a healthy work-life balance can be a bedrock to a winning employer brand. By joining this group and sharing your experience with peers, you'll gain new insights on developing a culture that actively supports employees in managing their work and personal responsibilities, with a purpose of also enhancing retention, engagement and employer brand.

Leadership in times of change: elevating CHRO strategies

In this dynamic era, CHROs stand at the forefront of guiding organisations through uncharted waters with visionary leadership and astute strategic planning. This Hive is a conclave for forward-thinking CHROs committed to sharing their journey and drawing from the experience of their peers. It will be an opportunity to share practicalities of leading with agility; be it through crafting impactful change management frameworks, elevating team morale amidst transformation, fostering cultural evolution or harmonising HR strategies with changing organisational objectives. Participants will be able to learn from innovative approaches and actionable insights and so better steer their organisation with clarity through rapidly changing times.

Engaging your remote workforce: doing it better

The growth of remote work has redefined the blueprint for employee engagement, introducing both challenges and opportunities. This Hive brings together CHROs to share innovative strategies that achieve higher engagement levels among remote teams. The discussions will explore effective communication channels, cultivation of a strong sense of community, enhancement of collaborative practices and acknowledgment of the remote workforce's unique contributions. By participating in this group, you'll be able to share your own insights and hear about others? practical solutions and creative approaches on nurturing a connected, motivated and engaged remote workforce.

HR's role in social responsibility: making a difference

HR occupies a crucial role in guiding organisations towards enhanced social responsibility. This Hive serves as a forum for CHROs to exchange and cultivate strategies that effect tangible change through HR initiatives. Key focus areas encompass corporate social responsibility, engaging community programmes, advancing DEI and promoting ethical labour practices. Participation in this Hive enables a deeper alignment of HR practices with your organisation's social responsibility objectives. You will gain actionable insights, renewed drive to enact change and form invaluable connections with like-minded CHROs who are equally dedicated to making a significant impact.

Fostering a culture of innovation

In today's rapidly changing world, fostering a culture of innovation is essential for delivering value and impact. This Hive is for those wishing to share their experiences and best practices in nurturing an innovative organisational culture. Discussions will span idea generation techniques, cross-functional collaborations, the role of innovation incubators and encouraging a mindset open to experimentation and risk. The focus will be on practical ways in which to catalyse innovation within their organisation, propelling it towards sustained success and continuous adaptability.